What’s it Like Working With Me


Step 1: The Meet & Greet

The first and most important step is getting to know each other. We’ll set up a video call using Skype, Google+, or Facebook or perhaps even meet in person to discuss your project. We’ll talk about your organization and your goals so that your website properly represents you and serves the purpose you set for it.

You will be able to make suggestions pertaining to style and I’ll ask you to provide links to a few websites that you like so that I can get a feel for your tastes in design. If you don’t have a logo or any kind of branding, then we can also work together to find a solution.


Step 2: Project Proposal & Initial Payment

After our initial meeting you will receive a project proposal containing the following:

  • project timeline complete with deadlines
  • outline of content structure
  • initial invoice

The initial invoice is for 50%, which I ask for up-front to keep us both honest. This way there is no need for a contract and we can both be held to our word. The remaining balance will be billed upon completion.


Step 3: Layout, Branding, Style, & Design

Now the fun begins. Within about one week you will receive some sample layouts and branding ideas, which we will then discuss over the phone. Your feedback is essential during this phase. Once we have figured out your style I will take the layout and branding that you have chosen and work my design magic to bring your project to life.

At this point you won’t be looking at the final product, but what you see is what you get, meaning that your final website will look identical to the design mock-up. We can make changes and revisions to the design mock-ups until you are completely satisfied with it. I want to assure that your website is the best it can be.


Step 4: Development

Your design has been approved and now it’s time for the programming. This is where I put the 1s and the 0s together to make sure all the moving parts are functioning correctly and that behind the scenes everything is running as smooth and efficiently as possible.

At this stage of the game I’m going to be hosting your site on my development server. Think of it as your car being in the shop. This will usually take a week or two, but it also is the period of the quickest growth of your website. You will see it really start to take shape as everything is fine-tuned.


Step 5: Training People & Loading Content

While I’ve been hard at work building your website, I hope you’ve been busy collecting all the necessary content. Content means:

  • text, titles, and descriptions
  • photos & videos
  • downloadable documents, forms, and applications

We’ll set up a training day where I’ll train you and your team to be real-life webmasters. You’ll learn how to manage, edit, upload, add, and delete, giving you complete control of the content on your website. That way you don’t have to pay me a monthly fee to do it for you.


Step 6: Final Payment & Publishing

I’ll mostly likely request the remaining balance be paid in full on the day of your training. Once the final payment has been received and you’ve loaded all the content, I’ll publish your website to your domain. That means the whole world will be able to see your new website!

If you haven’t already purchased a domain name or hosting, I recommend all my clients to use Just Host. It takes less than five minutes to set up an account and costs only a few bucks per month. Make sure to use the discount code “50off” for an added discount.

Uou can always feel free to contact me for technical support.

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