These New York based radio producer and distributer had a website that was stuck in the 90’s. Their new site adds countless points to their online image.

American Cowboy

A minamilist design was implemented that put the focus on the content and a streamlined navigation that made this magazine’s website much easier to use.

Tri-Parish ACTS Community

A centralized, online location for information, upcoming events, and opportunities to encourage retreatants to stay active.

This layout was rethought and streamlined, while at the same time still providing the advanced search features for boat buyers. can now leave the competitors in it’s wake!

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Equine Network

A central hub for the advertising department that their sales reps can direct clients to for rates, specifications, and readership of each of their publications and websites.

Cárdenas Psychological Services

Dr. Cárdenas is a psychologist who needed a place to provide his materials online in order to help other psychologists work with latinos.

Alpine Area Chamber of Commerce

This site showcases the sights of Alpine, Arizona so that users can truly get a feel for what the tiny town has to offer.

St. Stephen Catholic Church

This project was a joint effort with Tampa-based Christian Web Maker in which my design services were called upon.